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Gil Head

Last year of Europe?

I've been giving this a lot of thought over the past few days since I got back from EF, and I'm thinking, at least for a bit, this may be the last vacation I do to Europe.  I've done 10 EF trips and 3 work trips over the years, and I admit, I think I've become a bit jaded.  Copenhagen was a wonderful spot to visit, but when I stop and look back, I'm really finding myself asking "was is really worth the expense, both in terms of money and vacation time?"  Also, it's always been a somewhat unfortunate time to leave Seattle: it's right in some of the best weather we've got here.  Of the 20 or so "summery" weeks we have, that costs me 2 of them.  That may not sound like a lot, but that IS 10% of the summer we've got.  :)

Don't get me wrong, EF was an excellent convention and I think the venue worked out really nicely.  Alas, at the size it is, it's "just another con" now.  Anyone from the EF staff who reads this, please don't take offense at this.  It's not meant to be an insult, but... it's the cost of growth, I think.  I still really love the con, and if it weren't 5000 miles away, I'd do it every year, in a heartbeat.

I'm also thinking I may skip a year and not to Confuzzled next year either.  Again, I think it will be an excellent convention and in 2016 it's a definite possibility, but I'm right now thinking it's less likely in 2015.  I'd rather take the vacation time I've got and use it for more, shorter breaks throughout the year.

It's entirely possible I'm going to find myself regretting this, at least when next August rolls around, but I think I am going to forego any long vacation next year.
Gil Head

Questions for the demon

Over on my tumblr page, I'm looking for questions on any legion of demons.  I'll make the same offer here; if you have questions about them, their mythology, etc..., let me know.  I love expanding their horizons, and this is a good way.

The main two beasts, which I think I have a good mental picture of, are

  • Gilrandree, Demon-Beast

  • Odontaspis, Serpentine Demon

In addition, you've got a few others

  • Asterion, probably demonic minotaur

  • Varke, demon-boar

  • Kr'Nach, non-demonic lizard/raptor

  • Chaos...  Just "chaos."  :)

Gil Head

Visited Places

I should make an effort to fill in the last few ones in the US, at least.  I certainly want to get up to Alaska at some point, if nothing else.  This summer, I’ll probably make it to Denmark and Sweden, adding a few more countries, but I’d also like to eventually make it to Italy and Spain as well as some of the African countries.

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I should make an effort to fill in the last few ones in the US, at least.  I certainly want to get up to Alaska at some point, if nothing else.  This summer, I’ll probably make it to Denmark and Sweden, adding a few more countries, but I’d also like to eventually make it to Italy and Spain as well as some of the African countries.
Gil Head

A strange, demonic dream I actually remembered this morning...

I rarely remember dreams.  For some reason, they just don't stick in my mind, but this morning one really stuck in an oddly vivid way.

I was at a warehouse, one of the ones run by $EMPLOYER, as someone visiting from corp, spending a week working in the various warehouse tasks to get a better idea of how the software should work.  This wasn't the weird part; they actually do these sorts of trips.  The first day was odd, insofar as the way we were working was horribly inefficient, pulling items from the shelves in a horribly poor way.  There was a woman who was my "mentor / manager" talking about how we could improve things, etc..., in what seemed very mundane on that first day.

Then the second day happened.  Once I was through the security gate into the warehouse proper, I went to look for her.  Off to one side, with a bunch of people watching, she was laying on a bed of sorts wearing a white dress, legs in the air, spread, leaving nothing to the imagination, so to speak.  She had what looked like a small metal tool of some sort she was using on herself, though WHAT she was doing was entirely unclear.  It looked like something a doctor might use to pick off bits of skin for samples or similar rather than something which she'd actually be using to pleasure herself.

As she looked up, seeing me, she said something like "Oh, you get to see us feed the hydra."  I certainly remember "feed the hydra" from the dream and the seemingly unconcerned way she said it, like it was nothing that far out of the usual.  I though, in the dream, that I was about to watch her give birth to some giant monster or similar (even though her figure was, in no way, pregnant), that it was going to come erupting out from between her legs.

Instead, behind me, a small, mangy house-cat casually walked forward.  It opened its mouth, a red form pressing out from its jaws.  The flesh tore away, dissolving into nothing, as the cat's form shifted into a giant, red dragon-like head.  The neck stretched back behind me, and I don't recall having any vision of what it lead into.  The woman tossed the tool aside then leaned toward the hydra's head, feeding herself to the beast.  As soon as it had its meal, it reformed into the small cat which casually walked away, and the other employees watching just walked off with the same concern anyone would have leaving a boring meeting.

There's a bit of a time-jump in the dream to a bit later in the day, when I saw the manager of the facility walking someone who looked just like the woman around.  "It's just another clone," he said to me, about the new woman.  They were walking through an area which looked as much like the appliance section of a Home Depot as anything and he was showing her the ovens.  She was saying something like, "wow, it's amazing how much things have changed since I went to sleep," and it was obvious her last memory was from decades or perhaps even centuries ago.

Then my alarm went off and I woke up.

This was one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a long time, and almost certainly one of the most fantasy-based.  I can still picture quite a few of the scenes from it, even this late in the day, which is strange for me.
sleepy tiger

I no longer have any excuse...

This is the back of my living room. The weight machine I've had for years, but the rowing machine is new. I've gotten in the habit of heading to the gym or doing weights a few times a week, but I've found the biggest thing which can work against me is the act of going to the gym. I've been better with the weights than cardio, since I can do them at home now.

So, now that I can do both in the comfort of my living room, my goal is an hour a day of some form of workout between the machines, with occasional trips into the gym to do some things these two machines won't really help with. After setting the rowing machine up tonight, did around 1/2 hour on it set on the top setting.... Yeah, it's going to kick my ass. :)
Gil Head

I think it's time for me to get back doing some roll playing...

Until a year or so ago I did some roll playing (as in the pen and paper kind) in a with a small group.  For various reasons, I stepped out of that group and haven't really thought about it very much since then.  I'm at that point now where I think I'd like to do a bit more of it, though.

Not long ago, I tried a bit of a test-run of a scenario I came up with for a game in a world of my construction.  Ultimately, I'm not sure I entirely liked the world, though I could potentially be tempted back into it.

That being said, over the past week, I had an idea for a world setting which I think would work well.  I can immediately imagine some scenarios the characters would have to deal with and what they might have available to them to resolve their problems.  It's a post apocalyptic world, far enough after the apocalypse that technology is returning and, at least the area it's set (South America) has a reasonably good quality of living.

The caveat, though, is that in the destruction of much of the world, the demons woke up from their nap.  They battled it out using mortals as their pawns for decades after the war which lead to their awakening, but even that threat is long dead now.  A few demons still stir, but they tend to not venture into the mortal world anymore.

There are those who worship them, though, and much of the power base of the new government is ultimately under the control of these secret orders.  The city in which this is set is on the border of the territory of two such demons, their orders in a "quiet war," subtly working to take each other down.

I envision this not unlike the Shadowrun world where the players are playing characters of, at best, "questionable morality."  It could work with them as freelance mercenaries, criminals who happen to fall into the grasps of one of these orders, or even active members of the orders or their front corporations. The characters would be basically human, though I'm still working out some aspects which would allow characters to be "not QUITE human" if they desire. There are certainly some very demonic creatures in this world, though if players wanted to get to that point, it would take a bit of time.

I'd like to find some people interested in playing in this world, probably starting up sometime after New Years.  In an ideal world, this would contain people who could meet face to face in the Seattle area once a week, but I'd be willing to do it through some online forum (video chat, etc...) as well.  I'm around half-way through writing up the world description and have figured out how to fit the mechanics of this world into an open mechanics system.  (In fact, they fit fairly well...)

So, either online or in-person, would anyone be interested in giving this a shot next year?
Gil Head

A Demon on a Diet (or, "How not to loose weight.")

I've mentioned to a few folks that I'm on a "diet" now, and that's kind-of true.  It's not entirely true though, as loosing weight is not a goal of this "diet."  I've dropped a few pounds, yes, and I'm happy about that, but that's not really the point.

What IS the point is to be healthy.  If I can turn some fat into muscle and keep the same weight, I'll certainly be happy.  On top of the diet, I'm a couple months into a semi-regular workout regime which certainly has helped as well.  Some weeks tend to be heavily focused on cardio over at the nearby gym, others on weight routines in the machine in my living room.  Still others are like last week, where I didn't "work out" per se, but spent quite a few of the evenings as well as days on the weekends/holidays tearing apart my bathroom and rebuilding the floor.  In other words, I'm making sure to do something physically active at least 4 days a week, ideally all of them.

In terms of food, I'm trying to cut out sweet things, fast food, overly fatty foods, and the like.  I'm cooking a lot more for myself in the evenings, usually simple things, though I'm starting to think more about more complex stuff, especially on weekends when I have more time.  That's actually working well with the weight machine: I start a meal cooking then check on it between sets.  I've got an indoor grill, so lots of my meals are basically grilled meats with a starch (potato, rice, etc) and some veggies (though too often I leave them out; something I need to fix still).

But when it all comes down, it's not about losing weight.  It's about being healthy, and a scale won't tell me that.  How I feel after an hour on the elliptical tells me how healthy I am, how I feel taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, and that sort of thing.  By that metric, I'm feeling pretty good after two months.
Gil Head

Everyone who's not doing a proper "Thanksgiving" raise your hands!

This year my Thanksgiving is going to be a rather disappointing one, I regret to say.  A few weeks ago, I noticed a soft spot in the floor of my master bathroom.  Some quick investigation showed a leak around the toilet, probably around the wax seal (which means it's an "icky" leak).

I've put off dealing with it a few weeks now, but the time's come...  Tomorrow, I'm going to take the toilet out and rip the tiles up from the floor to see just how bad it is.  I'm hoping to finish up all the work over the weekend, but we'll see...  I have no idea how much work will be involved or how long it's going to take.

At least the house has two bathrooms, one in my bedroom and one in the hall just outside my bedroom.  I can pull things apart in the master one for as long as I need and still be able to have a functional house.  :)