A very happy moo

This weekend, Asterion was in NorWesCon's masquerade. I'll start with the (somewhat shocking) results...

Best In Show, Workmanship
Master Division Best Performance

I'm still in shock over these results. The competition was strong, and I really expected some of the other entries to take those awards, especially the Workmanship one. The judging was interestingly different from at cons like FC that I have experienced. They asked the "normal" questions ("how did you build the head, hooves, etc..."), but then started into detailed questions I wasn't as used to getting. They spent a bit on how the sewing was done, as well as how I draped it and some of the ways I worked with the different materials.

Aside from that, the Wolf went out briefly Friday night, getting good responses from the crowd, and the Tiger during the day on Saturday, also going over well. All in all, a very good day.

I also have to give particular thanks to WalksFar for letting me use his room as a staging area and Xodiac for helping out getting set up for the masquerade. Of course, I can't say good enough things about the staff of NorWesCon, and, all things considered, the attendees as well. I had a lot of fun, and hope, next year, I can get a few more days free for more of the con.
Congrats! I missed the start of the awards ceremony, and got there in time to see you on stage, award in hand - but I had no idea what category you'd won. Those are some biggies! Nice job.
Congratulations on well-deserved wins! Really wish I could have been there to see it!
Howdy! Just wanted to let you know I got a few shots of Asterion and the Tiger on Saturday. They've joined the manticore in this list of shots that I've tagged 'aeto', so it should be pretty easy to find 'em.

Once again, nice job!
One of those strangers who friended you thanks you! :> I'm certainly making NorWesCon a regular stop now that I am here in the area for real...

(I find your entries a good view of a bit of Seattle's pulse I might otherwise miss, if you're curious why...)