Gil Head

The final resting place of Dar'Rushk

With a whimper today, Dar'Rushk, the manticore, was officially retired. No party or celebration (yet?), but simply a "change of state."

In case it's not obvious, I'm not the one in the costume now. He's been mounted onto a mannequin, and at least for the foreseeable future will occupy the corner of my home office. More pics from the office here.

It's a little sad to realize he's really retired now. I say he may make other events, but I'm really not sure, especially now: it took over two hours to get him onto the mannequin. For those of you who have helped me into the costume, I finally understand the pain you went through to get that back zipper closed!

It is funny, though -- This is the first time I have seen him "in person."

He got me back working on costumes, and if I'd not gotten him, I would have never gotten the energy to built the tiger or bull. For a while, there, whenever I was out, I was the center of attention. I won't lie; that's a rush I'll not soon forget. For that reason, it's only a little saddening for me to retire him. I was out yesterday in Asterion, which I am proud of in virtually every way. When he retires (no time soon), Dar may lose his place in the corner, to be replaced with a bull. (Or who knows, maybe I'll find another cheap mannequin...)

Thank you Britt, for doing the concept art, Lance and Lynette for building him, and everyone along the way who helped me when I was wearing him. It was a fun couple years.

[Edit: This was entirely a spur of the moment thing; I wondered through a sporting goods store which was going out of business, and ended up buying one of their mannequins. It wasn't planned until I had that. :> ]
Retired because?
I know suits, as most things have a finite lifespan. Too much to get dressed in? Showing signs of wear?
A few reasons... He was in active use for around 2 1/2 years, the first year of which was VERY active; I probably did 15 cons or other outings in him that year alone, and did almost as many the next year. As such, he's got at least 30 "gigs" on him.

As such, there's a fair bit of work which I need to do on him to get him to a state I'd want to wear him to a con. It's been a while since I last wore him, and I have other suits now which are at the top of the stack.

He's also a royal pain to transport. Every time I send him to a non-local con, I can count on spending $200 or so on FedEx charges. That gets old fast. :>

So, I may still bring him out to big anniversary cons, new cons I've not had him at (if they are big enough) or similar things, but it's now a bigger hurdle, since it's hours to get him off the mannequin to get him ready to go. Add to that a day or two of repairs before he's ready, and it's got to be a big event for me to bring him out.

Ultimately, as much as anything, "it's time."
That's just pitiful. :( I never even got to meet him.
looks really cool standing there like that. a great piece of decor
Yeah. Though, perhaps it pushes my office at home there a bit from "weird" to "WTF?!?" :>

The first time I saw him was when he walked into the FC07 boardroom for the morning executive meeting. He wasn't the chairman but it sure seemed like he should have been. :P
I don't know why, but suddenly I wonder what he'd go for in the art auction.

Not that I plan to do anything like that.

I'd say you had a tougher time as the mannequin can't do things like exhale or suck in its gut to make it easier to put on.
It is an amazing costume. And you know, standing in your work office... it would be quite a conversation piece.
I keep thinking I may do that one day with some of my showpiece suits. My Husband and I have been planning to open a comic store. I would love to put some of my suits on mannequins to decorate the store.

He's a real handsome piece... however I have to admit, I'm awful fond of your minotaur as well *cough* for no apparent reason obviously XD
If you're looking for mannequins, and happen to be in the Seattle area, I got the one I used from one of the Joe's Sporting Goods shops which are going out of business.

And yeah, I could certainly see something like that in a comic shop. :>
I'm afraid that's a 12 hour drive I'm not ready to invest in for some mannequins T_T
Oh well, the store won't really be a reality til next year anyway.