Aetobatus (aeto) wrote,

Questions for the demon...

Will this question get through to you, or is Safari just shouting into the aether?

Of course it will get through! EVERYTHING gets through to me... Eventually.

*Demon stalks the questioner, drooling slightly, with hunger*

Of course, you speak as if shouting into the æther is pointless. Don't you realize, some of us are listening there? It's actually quite interesting, what some people will speak into æther, assuming nobody is listening.

Hell, I've found more than one dinner... uh... companion there.

What motivates you to walk among the humans at the odd gatherings they call "conventions"?

One must learn one's prey. Why are the lions of Africa occasionally seen to seemingly "befriend" the herd beasts? Yes, they act all "yes, I'm treating it JUST like a cub" when the photographers are around, but the photographers aren't ALWAYS around, now are they?

Of course, if nothing else, it's a chance to get out in the demon skin. The human body is just so... confining. I mean, without wings and tail, what are you?!?

It's also worth noting that there is the occasional human who's good to be around, in what I'd have to call a "friendly" way. I've always said, "it's rude to eat friends," so they're generally safe, too.

And they generally know to look the other way when someone neither they nor I particularly consider a "good person" happens to wander by.

Have you broken any bones? If so, how?

This was a stock question, but worth answering...

I've broken thousands and thousands, probably. In fact, I'm sure I really couldn't count how many.

Oh wait, did you mean breaking my own bones? Uh.


Do you consider yourself to be above or below Devil's in the ranking of Hell?

It's an entirely different kind of evil. Devils are the temptresses (or temptors, if that's the correct male term), who temp souls toward their evil sides. Demons only really come into play once you're down there.

We're the "prison guards," so to speak... In theory, anyone we kill, "above or below" deserved their fate. Of course, there's the difference in theory and practice, but we'll ignore that for now.

So, above, or below? Hard to say, really. Different roles. Mainly, just "different."

Feel free to ask more questions at (I'm having fun answering them, if nothing else).

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