Gil Head

Name My Boat! Poll

So (take 2), here's the poll for the name of the boat. Vote on as many as you like. Of course, this is advisory only...

Poll #1560662 Name My Boat! Poll

Potential Boat Names (in no particular order)

Kraken Up
Fearful Symmetry (From Tyger, tyger...)
Sea Demon
Stinger (Boat I used to race on, now retired)
Makini (Wind, in Hawaiian)
Magic Carpet (Original name of boat)
Nimbus (Yeah, but they come with rain...)
Cygnus ("Northern Cross" constellation)
Voted for my own suggestion, natch.
I also voted for Cygnus, mostly because I'm a Rush fan. Gotta add the "X-1" to the name, though.

Leviathan was the name of an oil tanker that ran over a tiny sailboat in a novel I read back in high school. It's got Bad Ship Name Karma for me, like Titanic or Poseidon.
Much prefer Cygnus, though Makini is a close second. Seems a much more fitting name for a boat than the others.
"Kraken Up?" The trouble with joke names is that the joke will get old long before you get rid of the boat. :)
i like leviathan. The sea monster! yay :) didnt knew about what athelind said :/
but "fearful Symmetry" also sounds good :)