Gil Head

Playing with words

So, it looks like the name "Fearful Symmetry" was the clear winner in the names, and I admit it's growing on me. I still don't have the boat, but it's going to inspection Monday, and once a bit of paperwork clears, it will be moving forward (assuming the inspection is OK).

I was messing around with logos, and came up with the following. Wondering what people think? I'm open for suggestions, but want to keep it somewhat simple. I'll probably do this orientation on one side of the bow, the colors flipped on the other.

I like the logo. Of course, were it me [to follow the tiger theme], I'd make the purple lettering -black- and put a very thin black line around the orange letters - and a very thin orange line around the black lettering.
Nice idea! But I would like to suggest a little more horizontal separation between the mirror images - but only a little! The proximity helps the "symmetry" idea, but the "l"s almost touching draws too much attention to that as a focal point, and distracts momentarily from the mental effort of joining the two words with the proper orientation to form the name. And while separtaing the words horizontally a little, bring the vertical separation in tighter, agan just a little!

You might also play with font styles, and consider the effect of all-caps, which works better with some fonts than others. Just suggestions, the basic idea you have presented here is a great one! I think that some sort of Italic slant is necessary, suggests movement and flow.
Ever thought about getting a ambigram made? I could totally seeing that work so well for what you're going for.
I had someone else suggest that to me. Do you have any idea how I could find someone to do that? I will likely start looking around, myself, as well.