Gil Head

Boat Stuff

Well, the boat purchase just cleared another hurdle. Made the test sail in it today (alas, light winds), and had it inspected. No major issues in the inspection, just some "safety issues." (Which sounds much worse than it is; flares are expired, fire extinguisher needs to be inspected, and needs to have an anchor on board, all of which are relatively cheap.) There is one small area which could use some minor epoxy work, but nothing I can't do myself.

Took some pics of the boat, if anyone is interested:

Note that the pics before 1248 were before we power-washed the bottom. The rudder, in particular, was an interesting mass of marine life.
now that is absolutely wild. I mean, a boat is a boat to me but to see that thing out of water.. It's kinda neat. :)
heh yah rudder might need some serious scrubbin and de-lifeing.

I'm curious tho, I've not been nautical since about 88.. what the hell is that on the bow of the boat on the starbord side?
That's a pole for an asymmetrical spinnaker. It's a "fixed" pole, in that it extends, but doesn't move from side to side like the pole on a symmetrical spinnaker. It's a more modern design; doesn't do as well dead down, but is very nice on beam reaches back to around 3/4 of the way back.

Here's a pic of one being flown, on a J/80:
*nod* And yeah, I am going to need to get the rudder painted. They missed that when they did the bottom, for some reason.
No congrats yet. It's still not officially mine, though things are certainly lining up. I've dumped enough money into the process now, I don't want to back out. Hell, I cleaned his boat for him. :>
gosh... dont you want to pretend to buy my car too ? :)
naw, i already see you sailing in that.... in YOUR .. boat.
When my pirate-ship-car is ready, i'll send you some fotos ;)
Looks to be a nice zippy craft! In 1243, the arrangement at the top of the mast I don't think I've seen before. Looks like a jib roller furler to the right, and a sprongy thing (that'd be a technical nautical term :) where I'd expect the backstay to be. Curious cats want to know!
That would be a backstay "flicker." "

Basically, it's used to hold the backstay a foot or so aft when it's loosened for downwind runs, so that when you jibe the main, the roach doesn't get caught on the backstay. It's not class legal for the J/80 class, so if I do one-design racing, I'll have to change it out, but I expect to be doing mainly PHRF anyway. Of course, the class would also want a wire backstay put up to replace the rope one there now.