Aetobatus (aeto) wrote,

WienerFood (Day 1 in Vienna)

While I took a number of pictures here in Vienna (as I visit Taibu and Kimani for a few days), I think day 1 will start with food...

We toured the city on foot today, broken in the middle with lunch at a small restaurant in the center of the city, with "authentic" cuisine from Vienna. It was certainly a good choice, including Strum, the drink made from the early stages of wine production. Very sweet, almost like grape juice, just starting to become alcoholic.

Kimani's food arrived first (or was, at least photographed first). She got an egg and noodle dish which she reminded me the name of the first time I tried to post this, but fail to recall now. Tasted very good, but to my American palette, was more breakfast than lunch.

Taibu's was next, in what looked like a traditional sausage and potato dish. I didn't try any of this (not a big fan of sausages), but it looked good, certainly.

Finally, my food. A simple goulash with dumplings. Sauce was wonderful, dumplings were just about perfect, and this was pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. A few years ago, had a similar dish in München, which may have had better sauce, but not by much. Excellent food, all in all.

Then, we went on to dessert, at one of the best coffee shops in Vienna.

I'll start with mine this time. Dark chocolate shell, chocolate-creme brulee-like interior. That, along with a glass of ice chocolate makes a wonderful Death By Chocolate.

The Mango Lioness had a mango torte. Had a small bite of this; it was quite nice, with a strawberry filling, but I actually thought the mango taste was a bit weak. Still, quite good, and no shortage of sweet. :>

I admit, I didn't notice what Taibu ordered, but it looked very good. Some sort of fruit pie.

So, that, plus churches (where I failed to burst into flames), official buildings, walking, and just chatting (Wo ist die Gabel?!?), make up day 1 in Vienna. 2 more left, and I think we're doing castles tomorrow.


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