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Introducing Gilrandree

Although he really wasn't a secret per se, the demon Gilrandree was finally introduced at Eurofurence. He is the latest of a small number of commissioned costumes I have in my possession now, built by Clockwork Creatures / qarrezel.

This was a somewhat unusual commission (at least for me); I gave Qarrezel very little to go from, except some very generic guidelines and a personality (in the form of a story). In terms of physical description, it was very vague. (Hooves are good, as are horns; I like glowing eyes; but not ones without pupils; Must have a tail; Dark, but not black coloration preferred. He will be debuted at an african-themed con.) I'd spent some time looking over her portfolio, and knew that I'd wear just about anything she'd made, so trusted her to come up with something good based on these guidelines.

The resulting beast is nearly perfect for the personality, and I can't say that I would ask for anything in the design of the character to be different. I find him a beautiful creature, which is always good, and has just the right hint of evil in his look. The personality she was given was evil, but only when necessary (which begs the question if it's actually evil at all). The sort of creature who is only dangerous if you make him so. In the story, he's shown as having attacked rapists, spouse abusers, etc..., so could almost be thought of more as supernatural police than properly evil. Of course, his attacks are brutal, but that's a detail. I think that personality was carried out wonderfully; there's almost a kindness in the expression which is very much what I was looking for.

His debut was at Eurofurence, and I think went over quite well. I won't say he was the center of all attention, but in recent times, it's become virtually impossible for one character to achieve that. It certainly did seem, however, that Clockwork's costumes were well received in general, and the 9 or so of them there, as a group, did garner quite a bit of attention.

I spent a fair bit of time in him, both walking around the space and as the MC of the fursuit games. Thankfully, he mics quite well, and I like to think the sound came off better than the bull last year. I know my performance was far better, but given what happened last year, that's not saying much.

Did the fursuit parade in him, including the longish outside walk. Non-con tourists (and just people from the city, I suspect) reacted well to him, and I am certain there are a ton of pictures of him floating around. Now I just need to find them. :>

More on EF, later. Maybe. :>
Re: Rawr. ^_^
Oh, I am sure you are...

Demons chew up their food, though!
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*nibble* *nibble* *nibble*

Hmmm. You seem to be missing an arm.
Wow, Aeto, I think that is just about the most amazing fursuit I have ever seen. The head on it is incredible.
Nice Suit, Aeto!
Sounds like you're having a blast.