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For the first time, in many, many years, I got to attend FurCon basically as nothing other than an attendee. I didn't once have a radio on my person, and for most of the con, didn't wear a staff badge.

I feel oddly guilty for that, but damn, I loved it.

This year's FC, for me, ranks among the best cons I have attended. In many ways, it's up there with some of the more memorable EuroFurences, in fact. In my case, it's possibly more me than the con itself, because I really was in the right frame of mind for the con, just about throughout.

On Thursday night and Friday morning, I did my token staff work: sat behind registration, checking people in. This is, more or less, routine for me now, and I actually enjoy it. After a couple shifts of big crowds, I called myself done with staff stuff, and moved on to just being an attendee.

Friday through Sunday, I am certain I spent more time in costume than out, and I think at least two of the three days I ended up wearing three costumes through the day. The demon, the qi'lin, and the clouded leopard all made appearances, though the tiger never made it out of the bag. The best day, by far, was Sunday, when I spend around 4 1/2 hours in the demon, out in the courtyard between the two towers; a ton of costumers were out, mingling with the general public who was wondering through. It was a good, relaxed session, and everyone seemed to be having fun. I'll remember that afternoon for a long time.

Monday turned entirely around; no costuming at all until the dead dog, but lots of time just hanging in the lobby, chatting with friends. That's the one negative of being in costume so much: you don't do that. It was good, Monday, to get to chat with folks, finally.

All in all, I really couldn't have asked for a better con. As the first time in years I've not done some senior staff position, I had a blast, and admit, the staff did a great job. There are, all in all, very few suggestions I'd have made, or things I would have wanted done differently. Excellent job, folks.

And, as one final note, lionboogy, who does lots of photoshoots with furtech did a brief shoot of the QiLin. The results were spectacular, and I couldn't ask for better pics of the costume:

Now, I am SO ready for next year!
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