Aetobatus (aeto) wrote,

Europe Trip

I'm starting planning for my Europe trip now, and have some options... I'd like to know people's opinions, as well as others' plans, should I want to join up with folks on the trip.

Right now, my tentative plan is to arrive in EU on Sunday morning, August 14. On Aug 15 and 16, I'll be in Luxembourg, for business, then will be free on the 17th to head to the con site (will either do a contentital flight or overnight train, probably). After the con, I'd probably be free until August 28 or 29, when I'd fly back home.

One of the interesting caveats this year is that between Luxembourg and Magdeberg's location, I may not elect to fly into Frankfurt. Both Paris and Ansterdam have direct flights from Seattle, each for around the same price (Paris is on Air France, Amsterdam is on Delta). Does anyone have any thoughts as to one of these destinations over the others, either in terms of the local area or the airline. I've been to Paris in the past (and was less than impressed, I admit), but haven't yet been to The Netherlands. My intent would be to take trains once in Europe. I'm also still working with the folks I'll be working with in Luxembourg, so that time could grow as well, and might migrate to post-con.

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