Hello? Is this thing on?

For a while, I've been posting things on Tumblr ( While I like Tumblr's look, it's missing quite a few things of interest, not the least of which is discussion of posts.

So, I'm pondering starting to look back here again.  My question for the assembled masses:

Who still watches this?
I do - and I'll watch it more regularly if more people start posting here again.

LJ is still my favourite online platform for expressing thoughts too long for Twitter and too sensitive for family.

To my mind, the only real downside to Livejournal (well, other than lacking as many people as it once had) is the wave of DDOS attacks it has to endure every time there is anything resembling an election in Russia.
I don't post in my own journal as much, but I read every day & frequently post to various communities. So .. yep, still watching LJ! :D