Aetobatus (aeto) wrote,


Presenting, for your approval, Kafka, the insectoid demon:

This is a mask from Composite FX which I managed to get my hands on just this week. I’m going to try and use him at the haunt this year instead of my usual demon, so I wanted to do an endurance outing today. I was in him for 3 1/2 hours before I more or less got bored, having walked the halls all I could manage. Still had plenty of energy left, so I think 4 hours will be no problem at all.
The three-fingered gloves (also CFX) technically don’t go with that mask, but I think they actually fit the character fairly well. The colors are about right, including the patterning on the back of the arm (mostly hidden by the coat).
I’ve been pondering getting something from CFX for years, but their “animal” forms (werewolves, tigers, etc…) are just too flat in the face for my taste. This fellow appeared in their “ready to ship” pre-made list, and I jumped on it. I think the flat face works for this creature, and it’s certainly something different to add to my retinue.
And SOMEONE out there better understand where the name came from. :)
Thanks Gaz_A for the photo!
Tags: kafka costume insect

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