Aetobatus (aeto) wrote,

The Life and Times of a Bug (Or, how to be really, really creepy)

As some of you may have seen, the "gentleman" behind the cut has become my latest costume, focused on Halloween use.  He's actually mutated a bit beyond what you see there, with his left hand being replaced with a large insect-like claw rather than the 3-digit hand.  For the past few weeks, every Friday and Saturday, he's been at a local haunted house doing his best to really creep out people waiting in line, and I think he's been doing a reasonable job.

On top of what you can see here, I use, shall we say, just a bit of blood with him.  In fact, here's a link of him performing with his beautiful (albeit bloody) claw.  (In that link, I was still learning the character, and I don't think the performance is really that well done.)

It's hard to believe, though, that there's only one weekend left in this month...  Time is going by way, way too fast, and I'm going to have to put him away before too much longer, at least until MFF, when I'll be using him for the "How to be a Demon" panel.


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