Aetobatus (aeto) wrote,

A strange, demonic dream I actually remembered this morning...

I rarely remember dreams.  For some reason, they just don't stick in my mind, but this morning one really stuck in an oddly vivid way.

I was at a warehouse, one of the ones run by $EMPLOYER, as someone visiting from corp, spending a week working in the various warehouse tasks to get a better idea of how the software should work.  This wasn't the weird part; they actually do these sorts of trips.  The first day was odd, insofar as the way we were working was horribly inefficient, pulling items from the shelves in a horribly poor way.  There was a woman who was my "mentor / manager" talking about how we could improve things, etc..., in what seemed very mundane on that first day.

Then the second day happened.  Once I was through the security gate into the warehouse proper, I went to look for her.  Off to one side, with a bunch of people watching, she was laying on a bed of sorts wearing a white dress, legs in the air, spread, leaving nothing to the imagination, so to speak.  She had what looked like a small metal tool of some sort she was using on herself, though WHAT she was doing was entirely unclear.  It looked like something a doctor might use to pick off bits of skin for samples or similar rather than something which she'd actually be using to pleasure herself.

As she looked up, seeing me, she said something like "Oh, you get to see us feed the hydra."  I certainly remember "feed the hydra" from the dream and the seemingly unconcerned way she said it, like it was nothing that far out of the usual.  I though, in the dream, that I was about to watch her give birth to some giant monster or similar (even though her figure was, in no way, pregnant), that it was going to come erupting out from between her legs.

Instead, behind me, a small, mangy house-cat casually walked forward.  It opened its mouth, a red form pressing out from its jaws.  The flesh tore away, dissolving into nothing, as the cat's form shifted into a giant, red dragon-like head.  The neck stretched back behind me, and I don't recall having any vision of what it lead into.  The woman tossed the tool aside then leaned toward the hydra's head, feeding herself to the beast.  As soon as it had its meal, it reformed into the small cat which casually walked away, and the other employees watching just walked off with the same concern anyone would have leaving a boring meeting.

There's a bit of a time-jump in the dream to a bit later in the day, when I saw the manager of the facility walking someone who looked just like the woman around.  "It's just another clone," he said to me, about the new woman.  They were walking through an area which looked as much like the appliance section of a Home Depot as anything and he was showing her the ovens.  She was saying something like, "wow, it's amazing how much things have changed since I went to sleep," and it was obvious her last memory was from decades or perhaps even centuries ago.

Then my alarm went off and I woke up.

This was one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a long time, and almost certainly one of the most fantasy-based.  I can still picture quite a few of the scenes from it, even this late in the day, which is strange for me.

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