Gil Head

Last year of Europe?

I've been giving this a lot of thought over the past few days since I got back from EF, and I'm thinking, at least for a bit, this may be the last vacation I do to Europe.  I've done 10 EF trips and 3 work trips over the years, and I admit, I think I've become a bit jaded.  Copenhagen was a wonderful spot to visit, but when I stop and look back, I'm really finding myself asking "was is really worth the expense, both in terms of money and vacation time?"  Also, it's always been a somewhat unfortunate time to leave Seattle: it's right in some of the best weather we've got here.  Of the 20 or so "summery" weeks we have, that costs me 2 of them.  That may not sound like a lot, but that IS 10% of the summer we've got.  :)

Don't get me wrong, EF was an excellent convention and I think the venue worked out really nicely.  Alas, at the size it is, it's "just another con" now.  Anyone from the EF staff who reads this, please don't take offense at this.  It's not meant to be an insult, but... it's the cost of growth, I think.  I still really love the con, and if it weren't 5000 miles away, I'd do it every year, in a heartbeat.

I'm also thinking I may skip a year and not to Confuzzled next year either.  Again, I think it will be an excellent convention and in 2016 it's a definite possibility, but I'm right now thinking it's less likely in 2015.  I'd rather take the vacation time I've got and use it for more, shorter breaks throughout the year.

It's entirely possible I'm going to find myself regretting this, at least when next August rolls around, but I think I am going to forego any long vacation next year.
I used to regally do more of the USA cons, but they did start to get the same and rather expensive for flights.

It was however nice to do other things such as you have done here by visiting other things in the locality, The Grand Canyon, Death Valley and San Francisco have always been amazing, but once you have been there even they feel the same.

It was great to see you this side of the water anyway :)

Yes, I know the feeling "Hotel Con's" ... 2 years ago instead of attending EF, we went to Italy for a week. We both my BF and I had a wonderful time and saved money to boot! EF is pricy no way around that, and then add the now very high air fares, you have to look at other options. I also attended the 1st 3 Confuzzled con's, love it when the con is that size! Now that there are other international conventions, our options are not limited to just EF & Confuzzled anymore.
*whispers* Australia! Think Australia! Might make an interesting alternative to FC, perhaps?