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Moving to Chicago

Well, I finally succomed, and got the LJ account, largely because I'm moving to Chicago, and it seems most of the planning of parties, BBQ's, etc... of the folks around there happen via LJ. I'm not really the "journal" type of person, so I'll stick to just the facts, ma'am.

My schedule for the trip out is as follows:

Sept 7: Depart Fremont, for Tiger Touch in Fallon, NV.
Sept 8, 9: Spend the day with the cats. Possibly my last "regular" visit to the kitty friends.
Sept 10: Depart Fallon, for Chicago, IL.
Sept 12 or 13: Arrival in Chicago, living downtown.

I'll be in corporate housing downtown for a month or so, by which time I should have my own place to live. Still debating between renting and buying, though with interest rates so low, buying is looking really good. Right now, I am looking closest at Winnetka, though am by no means fixed on that community.

Well, that's my plan...
One of us...
I see you took the plunge.
I wasn't the "journal" type either - but it just sort of comes naturally after a while.

Welcome! The midwest isn't quite the Bay Area in terms of scenery and interesting terrain, but Chicago has a lot to offer. I don't know what in particular you're looking for in a place to live in terms of city vs. suburban living, price range, etc, but I've lived in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for most of my life, so I'd be happy to offer whatever input I can.

There are some very nice areas in the city itself along the CTA's light rail lines that make for a quick and easy commute if you're going to be working downtown, in addition to a number of METRA commuter rail lines coming in from the suburbs. Anyway, I hope to run into you before too long. Have a good trip!
Where??? There!
I commented on this over on Robert's page, but it's worth also mentioning here...

I am mainly looking at the Winnetka area, though my realtor seems to really want to locate me down in Evanston for some reason. I think it just doesn't make sense to her that someone single wants a house, not an apartment, and doesn't care about night life. I am not interested in living in the city, and would like to be relatively close to the lake. I'm looking for a 20 to 40 minute Metra commute, which should work well, since the office is within walking distance of the central Metra terminals.
Hey Aeto!
Welcome to LJ and also, welcome to the Chicago area!

Also consider joining the LAFF (Lake Area Furry Friends) mailing list.

Lots of stuff in the area is talked about and planned there :)

Welcome from waytheheckdownsouth!

I did a little househunting in the Chicago area too, a few months back when I had a serious job prospect there. Being close to Metra (or the El in the city) is definitely a good thing. There are plenty of nice suburbs in the west as well as the north -- it all depends on what kind of living environment you'd like.
Actually, I should add that the south has some nice 'burbs too. I felt obligated to say that as a native of NW Indiana (AKA "da Region"). Come to think of it, one of the more intriguing areas to consider is the area around Chesterton, IN, near the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Accessible by commuter rail, relatively quiet and durn pretty to boot. The commute would be an hour or so each way by South Shore.

Now I need to stop staring at your Iakua icon. Wow, that's a nice picture.

(Hey, when you need new furniture, you can shop at the Iakua in Schaumburg!) ;)
The Iakua icon
Skant took that. It's arguably one of the best photos I have ever had taken of the costumes, and that, or one of a couple others he took, tend to be used as the "standard" photos of Iakua. He does some amazing photographic work, and seems to have the right "eye" for getting the best shots.
One of us...
Welcome! Yeah, lots of LAFFers keep track of each other in LJ. A pretty decent crowd, if I do say so myself.

Let's see...

First exposure to Giordano's pizza, check.
Moving to Chicago, check.
LiveJournal, check.

Hmmm...what else is there?
PalmOS phone/PDA combo?
"Zombie" in the LAFF room on FurryMUCK?

Am I missing any?
Aero and I will have to come up and pounce you!