Aetobatus (aeto) wrote,

Moving to Chicago

Well, I finally succomed, and got the LJ account, largely because I'm moving to Chicago, and it seems most of the planning of parties, BBQ's, etc... of the folks around there happen via LJ. I'm not really the "journal" type of person, so I'll stick to just the facts, ma'am.

My schedule for the trip out is as follows:

Sept 7: Depart Fremont, for Tiger Touch in Fallon, NV.
Sept 8, 9: Spend the day with the cats. Possibly my last "regular" visit to the kitty friends.
Sept 10: Depart Fallon, for Chicago, IL.
Sept 12 or 13: Arrival in Chicago, living downtown.

I'll be in corporate housing downtown for a month or so, by which time I should have my own place to live. Still debating between renting and buying, though with interest rates so low, buying is looking really good. Right now, I am looking closest at Winnetka, though am by no means fixed on that community.

Well, that's my plan...
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