Gil Head


My life is miserable.

My soul is full of blackness.

I am so very lonely.

Burma Shave.

Yes, this is in jest. It's an old reference, though.
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as long as the razor is sharp.

duder, I didn't run into you ONCE at MFF... whats up with that?
I think I was there! I think. :>

In truth, MFF was very good for me for one reason: I wasn't on staff at all, and my only task was MC'ing the FVS. Thus, once Friday night was over, I had no committments. I was able to do things like go out to dinner with people, etc... without worrying about missing things I was supposed to do, or similar things. I spent a fair bit of time just wondering around the site, but more than normal actually hanging out and relaxing. This was a Very Good Thing. :>

MFF, though local, is likely to end up being my relax-a-con. If you're looking for me there, certainly don't hesitate to try and find me, or do things like SMS or other things to ask "where the hell are you?" I'm probably more or less around!