Gil Head

Look what I just fixed!

I just repaired these two objects. Anyone care to guess what they are?
Um - no idea
Freeze resistant big cat food dishes (so all the cut up bits of deer don't freeze into a bambisicle)?

Short barrel pumpkin cannons?

Microwave antennas?

Luxury heated trash cans?

Electric ferret launchers?

Actually, the things appear to be home made (but the metal lining is throwing me in that regard. It's a nice fit). I'd say a scratch-built theater light, but I can see no evidence of mounting hardware so they must stand upright. Hmm...

Hell with it. Ferret launchers! And big ones, too!
They appear to be radio frequency resonating cavity filters. The ones I've seen are notch filters only passing a small frequency band. These seem to be shown without the lids. I'm probably wrong.
Something for processing and dispensing stuff you'd rather not touch?
I'll guess some sort of heater for use in helping remove contaminants from dive tanks.

I'm going more off of knowing that you do scuba rather than any direct knowledge.