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How much does all your stuff weigh?

According to the movers, all my stuff (not counting me, my car, or the stuff which will go in there), my stuff weighs 4,400 lbs. So that means there are 4,400 lbs of Aeto-stuffs in a truck, somewhere between here and Chicago, as I type this. Seeing as they left with my stuff only a couple hours ago, I suspect it's much closer to here than it is to Chicago.

So now, my bedroom is completely stuff-free. Well, it's stuff-free, so long as you don't count all the trash on the floor as "stuff." The movers did all of the packing for me ("We have to, for insurance reasons."), so every now and then I find little bits of stuff mixed in with the trash which should have gotten packed. ("OK, what was special about this aquarium filter that they decided not to pack it, but they packed all the rest?!?") The movers tagged all of the boxes with barcodes, and scanned all of them in, indicating the contents so I could get a printout of which bits of my stuff are in which boxes. Given that, I know that my 4,400 lbs of stuff fit in 68 boxes and one crate, plus a few things they didn't bother boxing, but just tagged directly. (Somewhere in a warehouse until I move into my new place in Chicago will be a life-sized me with a little barcode on it! I wonder what they will think.)

It's odd to look around the house, and realize that other than the laptop and occasional things I realize I should have packed, nothing here is mine. Over two tons of stuff just left the house today, and in just a couple of days, I'll be following it. I love the bay area, and yet, I am leaving. I got a call last night from a company out here who I'd spoken with before, and was talking about a salary close to what the Chicago company is offering, who wanted to talk to me again, but it's too late now. I was so close to saying no, and will probably always wonder if I should have taken this offer or not. This is the first move I have made in my life where I wasn't sure it was what I wanted to do, so it's been the hardest. Ask me again in a year. Or two.

BTW, my ETA in Chicago is now Friday night. I am trying to push it up a bit, if I can do the drive in few enough days, but we'll see if I can make that, or still arrive Saturday. It also depends on how long I want to visit the cats up at Tiger Touch; this is the last chance I'll get to see them for a while. If I get semi-settled by Sunday, maybe I could have some folks over for dinner or something...

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